Authors and Contributors#


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Tegveer Ghura#

Tegveer recently completed an enthralling and rewarding summer internship with Ploomber as a Data Scientist. He is a graduate student in the MS in Data Science & Analytics program at Georgetown University and is working towards establishing himself in the industry after graduating in May 2024. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Boston University and has a year’s worth of experience in Finance.

The internship with Ploomber has kickstarted his career in Tech and honed his Data Engineering skills to a whole new extent. He wrote production-quality code using the JupySQL package while documenting its functionality, which provided him a deep, intuitive level of understanding the dynamics of the JupySQL package with everyday Data Science practices. He also enjoyed teamwork at Ploomber while building the SQL course and learned a host of new skills, including ETL pipelining and code containerization, from his peers. He highly recommends applying to Ploomber to those looking to gain an enriching internship experience as well as using Ploomber’s packages to streamline project workflows!

Laura Gutierrez Funderburk#

Laura works as a Developer Advocate for Ploomber. She has over three years of professional experience in data science roles in a variety of settings, including not-for profit, startups as well as the private sector. Laura completed her B.Sc. Mathematics at Simon Fraser University. Her Alma Mater awarded her a Terry Fox Gold medal in 2019 in recognition of her ability to face adversity and give back to the communities she form part of.

Jonathan Phan#

Jonathan holds a Master’s in Data Science from UC Berkeley and is a current Data Science intern at Ploomber. His previous experience encompasses roles as a Data Engineer intern at startup ventures and a teaching assistant for UC Berkeley’s data science courses. His interests span across applications towards statistical topics like experimentation and causal inference to engineering topics such as handling big data with distributed systems. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing jazz piano and creating short songs.